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Terry Neal

Glacier is proud to welcome Terry Neal as a Pro Partner!

Terry is 60 years old and lives with his wife Jana in Magnolia, AR. He has 2 grown children and 6 wonderful grandchildren.

Terry retired after 37 & 1/2 years as chemical shift leader & operator. He has been tournament fishing for 32 years starting at the club level and now he fishes as a co-angler on the MLF Toyota Series & Arkansas BASS Nation.

He also enjoys being a captain in Wounded Warrior Tournaments.

Terry Neal at the Bassmaster Classic

When Terry is not fishing, his hobbies are traveling and playing golf with his children and grandchildren. Terry credits his wonderful life to his Savior, Jesus Christ.

"Glacier Outdoor gloves and hoods are such great products not only because are they top quality and look cool, but they have super sun protection! Sun protection is so important to me as my daughter has had two malignant skin cancers. My dad and I have had many precancerous places cut or burnt off. My buddy that I have been traveling and fishing with for 20 years lost his wife to skin cancer. She was also my wife's best friend."

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