Chicho Clare Glacier Glove Pro Staff

Chicho Clare

Glacier Glove is honored to have Chicho Clare on their Pro Team. Chicho’s 45 years of experience and passion for fishing has led him all around the world winning almost every major fishing tournament on fresh and salt water.

Chicho Clare Glacier Glove Pro Staff

Chicho Clare started fishing on his grandfather’s lake in Panama where every few months they would travel for a family outing. With only a bamboo pole, a line, and a hook, they would catch small Peacock Bass in great quantities always following their grandfather’s teaching of “catch and release”

“Chicho is not only an amazing fisherman but also a wonderful man” commented Katie Sanders of Glacier Glove. “He is always willing to help with anything we need. He is truly one of a kind”

During the last 45 years on the water, Chicho has been granted opportunities to catch and release some of the world’s toughest contenders like the mighty Black and Blue Marlin, Tarpon, Devil Fish Payara, Alligator Gar, Yellow Fin Tuna and the famous Dorado in Argentina.  

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