Captain Kevin Harrison

Captain Kevin Harrison

My name is Captain Kevin Harrison. I own and operate a fishing guide service called Harrison’s Chew Charters; where I use my skills and techniques to target deep sea fish like Sailfish, Kingfish, Cobia, an assortment of Snappers, Groupers, Mahi.  You name it we can catch‘em!

Captain Kevin Harrison Glacier Glove Pro

I was a commercial fisherman for five years and my friends always asked me why I don’t just become a guide, so I did. 

I have 3 beautiful daughters: 1 year old Eleanor, 3-year-old Amelia 9-year-old Taelynn and my son Karson who is 6 years old. I have a beautiful fiancé and her name is Bailey.

We are a fishing family who love Glacier Gloves, fishing, the outdoors and everything life has to offer!

We invite you to come see why we love South Florida where the fish are always Chewin!

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