Glacier Outdoor Introduces New Kingston Snap Back Hat

Introducing the Kingston Snap Back Hat: The Ultimate Outdoor Companion

Glacier Outdoor, a leading provider of premium outdoor gear, is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation - The Kingston Snap Back Hat. This cutting-edge hat is designed to enhance your outdoor experience with its exceptional features, ensuring comfort, style, and functionality for all your active pursuits.

The Kingston Snap Back Hat is engineered with quick-dry fabric, setting it apart as the go-to headwear for outdoor enthusiasts. No matter the intensity of your activities, the hat's moisture-wicking properties guarantee rapid evaporation, keeping sweat at bay and allowing you to stay dry and focused throughout your adventures.

Adjustability is key, and the Kingston Snap Back Hat delivers. With its convenient adjustable snap back, this versatile headwear offers a customizable fit for all head sizes. Whether you're hiking a rugged trail, biking through challenging terrains, or simply enjoying a day at the beach, rest assured that this hat will comfortably and securely stay in place.

When the sun is at its peak, you can rely on the Kingston Snap Back Hat's exceptional ventilation system. Featuring laser-cut venting, this hat maximizes breathability, allowing a steady flow of air to keep you cool and comfortable, even in the most sweltering weather conditions.

"Outdoor enthusiasts demand the best gear to elevate their experiences, and we are excited to introduce the Kingston Snap Back Hat as the ultimate outdoor companion," said Glacier Outdoors's Marketing Manager, Katie Sanders. "With its quick-dry fabric, adjustable fit, and excellent breathability, this hat is designed to withstand any adventure while providing unbeatable comfort."

The Kingston Snap Back Hat comes in a range of stylish colors and designs, ensuring you can showcase your personality while enjoying top-tier performance. Whether you're an avid hunter, fisherman, paddler, or simply love spending time outdoors, this hat is a must-have addition to your gear collection.

To explore the full range of features and purchase the Kingston Snap Back Hat, visit Be one of the first to experience this exceptional outdoor headwear and take advantage of exclusive introductory offers.

About Glacier Outdoor: Established in 1982, Glacier Outdoor utilizes quality fabrics and designs to provide warmth, dexterity, and protection to make the outdoor experience more comfortable for fisherman, hunters, paddlers, cyclists, ice climbers, hikers, and other outdoor adventures. Glacier Outdoor also products hats, sun hoods and other sun protection products to help customers extender their outdoor experiences.

Glacier Outdoor is owned by Elvisridge Capital, a private investment firm offering personal attention, operational expertise, and strategic resources to the companies it acquires. The firm’s target investment sector includes sportfishing and landscape products. For more information on our investment strategy and portfolio companies, please visit




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