Sun Protection, What Really Works!

Sun Protection Clothing for fishing and UPF Factors, What Really Works!

This except was taken from Blue Line Fishing's YouTube Channel.

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I was diagnosed in 2016 with malignant melanoma (skin cancer) after noticing a very small spot on the side of my neck looked a little different and asked my family doctor about it. Well one procedure, a surgery and 3 years later and I've been blessed to be cancer free. I still see a dermatologist several times a year. After my surgery I began to really research sun protection clothing and what brand and manufactures really worked and why so I could continue to enjoy fishing and the outdoors without head to toe sunscreen . I've been through a ton of different brands and learned more about UPF, UVA, UVB and SPF factors than I ever cared to. Hopefully this video will serve as a guide to spending time on the water fishing or in the outdoors with a new level of protection and knowledge to keep you or a family member safe.


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