Glacier Outdoor in Patagonia with Denis Isbister

The Patagonia region of Argentina is famous for big trout, untouched outdoors, Malbec wines and big Asado's (BBQ). Glacier's Pro Partner Denis Isbister and the Wild Fish Wild Places crew spent 14 days chasing legendary fishing with hosts Argentina Waters based out of Esquel.

According to Dennis, the big brown trout were a little tough to figure out for a few days as they had started to settle into a late summer pattern but once we figured out what they wanted it was game on! Heavy sinking lines with big articulated streamers ran deep and fast strips were the key. Once we figured out the pattern we had some epic days on the river with our best day bringing 15 browns over 20 inches to the boat and one bruiser at 27". 

If you're a fly fisherman you have probably thought or tried fishing mouse patterns in the dark or very low light. If you're like me that pattern has not worked very often haha. On this trip we had some great success on mouse patterns right at first light. The first fish smashed it so hard and it was so dark we could only hear the eruption and the feeling of breaking off a giant brown trout. Luckily we landed 4 more to make it the most successful mouse fishing for browns I have ever had!

Patagonia is known for its huge brown trout and prolific rainbow trout fishing but there is a little known secret of the huge brook trout that exist in a few locations.  The team made their way to a big lake in the middle of nowhere, rugged terrain, long drive to a place mostly only the locals know about. Here are the biggest brook trout possibly in all of Argentina. The crew landed multiple fish over that 5 pound mark which is only rivaled but Labrador Canada. The size and beauty of these fish made for one of the most epic days of trout fishing we have ever seen.

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