Best for Ice Fishing: Glacier Glove Pro Angler

Anglers who use them know ice fishing gloves are a must-have item. The Glacier Glove Pro Angler Gloves are some of the best ice fishing gloves available today.

First and foremost, protective gloves for ice fishing provide protection against blisters, line cuts, and the potentially harmful rays of the sun. They also can help fend-off potential punctures from hooks or sharp fish. Factor in other elements like cold temps, harsh wind, and driving rain, and the right pair of ice fishing gloves can make a huge difference.

A good pair of gloves made specifically for ice fishing will provide extra grip on both the reel and when handling a fish, add a touch of comfort and padding for hand fatigue, and don’t inhibit your dexterity. Given all those factors, it may be hard to make a case against owning at least one pair. The pro angler gloves are some of the best ice fishing gloves on the market today.

 Glacier Glove Pro Angler Gloves for Ice Fishing


Pro Angler™

As one of our most functional cold weather fishing gloves, the Pro Angler is designed with a slit index finger and thumb for easy casting and knot tying. Its dexterity combined with warmth and comfort makes this glove the perfect choice for cold, wet conditions.

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Glacier Pro Angler Glove Review

What We Like

  • Ample size options
  • Sturdy Strap
  • Fleece Lining
  • Slits at the index finger and thumb provide access for more dexterous tasks without having to shrug off the entire glove
  • No palm seams

What We Don't Like

  • In really frigid conditions you may want a bit more insulation

Glacier Glove uses TechLine Neoprene in its Pro Angler glove to combat freezing temps. A burly Velcro Pro Strap secures the glove to provide a comfortable fit, with protection that extends beyond the wrists so that they’ll marry with your jacket. Inside, a 2-millimeter fleece lining amps the insulation. Pre-curved fingers mirror the hand’s natural topography to help fight hand fatigue and provide reliable dexterity. And when situations demand executing minute tasks like confident casting or knot–tying, slits riding on the index finger and thumbs let you pull back the fabric to expose the top knuckles to make quick work of whatever the situation demands. No seams line the palm for a confident grip, and the glued stitches are as waterproof as the rest of the glove.

Glacier Outdoor Glacier Glove HistoryThe Glacier Glove legacy began in 1982, focused on developing the world’s best fishing gloves. Glacier quickly expanded into producing high quality gloves for hunting and sun protection gear for hands and heads. Glacier Glove cold weather products utilize windproof fleece and neoprene to function in the cold, wet, or windy conditions. Glacier’s sun protection products are designed and tested to guarantee a 50+UPF rating. Every Glacier Glove product is designed to provide quality, functional dexterity, and comfort. Outdoor enthusiasts throughout the world chose Glacier Glove products.

Headquartered in Reno, NV, Glacier Glove utilizes quality fabrics and designs to provide warmth, dexterity, and protection to make the outdoor experience more comfortable for fishermen, hunters, paddlers, cyclists, ice climbers, hikers, and other outdoor adventurers. Glacier Glove also produces hats, sun hoods, and other sun protection products to help customers extend their outdoor experiences. Find out more about Glacier Glove at

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